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Sean Parnell drops out of high stakes Pennsylvania Senate Race

Earlier today, Sean Parnell dropped out of the 2022 Pennsylvania Senate Race. The reason he dropped out was because his wife got sole custody of his kids. A Trump endorsed candidate, he polled even with leading Democrat candidate, John Fetterman, who is currently the lieutenant governor of the state. Before running for the senate seat, Parnell served in the Military, and is an author and speaker.

After Parnell’s with-drawl, the Republicans chances of reclaiming their Pennsylvania seat seem slimmer. Parnell’s Trump endorsement is what made him the frontrunner, and now that he’s gone, Republicans don’t really have a plan. They are left with relatively unknown candidates to nominate, which will definitely not be good for them, giving Democrats the momentum. However this race isn’t a lost cause for the Republicans. Trump can always just endorse another candidate, giving Republicans the momentum again. Also, with Joe Biden’s low approval rating (less than 43 percent) we still consider the race a tossup.

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