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2024 might be the best chance third parts have had in 30 years.

Now that the 2022 midterms are over, the 2024 Presidential Race is rapidly approaching. While pundits have been talking about a presidential bid from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, In all likelihood, when we make it out of the primaries the Presidential race will be between two very familiar people – Joe Biden and Donald Trump.…

New House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Career, Explained

Much has been said about now house speaker Kevin McCarthy’s seemingly never ending struggle to become Speaker of the House (though he did eventually pull out), with the notion that being speaker was McCarthy’s “biggest dream.” And to an extent, this is true, as McCarthy has wanted the job for almost a decade. But let’s…

The Biggest News of 2022, Recapped

We are now less than 20 days away from 2023, so I thought it might be cool to recap this year’s biggest events from each month, starting from January. January: While you might not remember much from January, a lot still happened. For example, in covid related news, the number of worldwide COVID-19 cases topped…

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