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Comparing the 2024 GOP Candidates

As Tim Scott announced his bid to run for President, the field of 2024 GOP Presidential hopefuls only increases. Here, I will break down all declared 2024 GOP candidates and their pro’s and con’s. Donald Trump: As a former President who has had the job before, it is no wonder why he is leading the…

The State of Cable News

Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon are two very different people. Tucker Carlson is a right wing political pundit who has promoted many conspiracy theories, most notably about the 2020 election, and the other, Don Lemon, is one of the lefts staunchest supporters, who backs Democrats at any turn. And yet, they both face a similar…

Everything you need to know about NATO

On April 4rth, 2023, Finland joined NATO in one of the biggest news stories of this year. The story has been riddled with ongoing press coverage, and deservedly so. Finland joining NATO affects the European landscape in many ways, especially when it comes to Russia, and will change the political and military landscape of the…

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