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CNN’s Shift to the Right, Explained

A few days ago, some big news came out. CNN has shuffled Don Lemon from primetime to the morning slot. And this isn’t an unrelated incident. A few weeks earlier, CNN canceled “Reliable Sources”, hosted by Brian Stelter. Furthermore, longtime legal correspondent Jefferey Toobin has left the network. And these events have all happened for …

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September Governor Elections

Last week, I promised that I would predict the Governor Elections. So now I am. Here is the map I am starting with (blue is Democrat, red is Republican, Yellow are the races I am analyzing): I will analyze each of the yellow states, starting with Nevada, and ending at Pennsylvania. Nevada: There is no …

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September Midterm Predictions

As election day inches closer and closer, more people have started paying attention. That is why I have decided to come out with my midterm prediction for the Senate (stay tuned for Governors Prediction, coming out next week!).  Above is the categorization I am using for the states. Solid Blue are Safe Democratic States, Solid …

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