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Trump: How will we remember him?

Since its our last week with Trump we thought it would be good to talk about Trump’s legacy. First lets start with his campaign promises – did he fulfill them? Now it would take too long for us alone to track all of Trumps campaign promises but luckily politifact did it for us. Here’s the link: https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/promises/trumpometer/?ruling=true. You can look at the entire list later but first lets look at Trumps top five promises. Number one, Obamacare. As you know the Republicans have tried several times to repeal Obamacare to no avail, so promise broken. Number two, Build a wall. While a few miles of the wall was created, not much more progress is going to be made, especially in a Biden presidency. Next up, he promised to suspend immigration from places which may have terrorist in them, such as Syria and Libya, and not to mention many more. He actually did keep this promise but it is likely to be overturned by the Biden administration. Number 4 were Tax cuts for households. Well he did keep his promise there and some if not all people saw lower taxes . And last but not least, he promised to lower the business tax rate. which in my opinion he did end up doing. So in the campaign promises departments he kept a few promises and did not deliver on a few others and so in my opinion, his performance was less then average. Next lets go to Trump’s character. Trump’ s incessant tweets definitely didnt help him. By many critics the tweets were called mean and rude. Some people even go as far to call Trump a racist. And even many Republicans have essentially admitted that he doesn’t have the best personality. In essence he isn’t seen too have the a personality that befits the president of the largest democracy in the world. Trump has also been impeached two times, and has been accused of inciting a mob to storm the capital which has further deteriorated his image. Over all, Trump will likely be viewed by people over time as someone who was a divider and will probably be considered by historians a bad president if not the worst president ever.

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