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This week has shown the vast difference between Japan and China.

This Tuesday, China’s prime minister Xi Jinping scheduled a visit to Vladamir Putin in Russia that had been in the works for months. Also on Tuesday, Japan’s prime minister Fumio

Disney’s Financial Decline, Explained

Disney is failing. Its stock is currently lower than pandemic levels, and its movies aren’t making the same amount of money anymore. And behind that, the entertainment giant has been

What Nikki Haley’s Presidential Bid means for 2024

This valentines day, Nikki Haley, former Republican governor of South Carolina and ambassador to the UN during the Trump administration has launched a bid for President. This is notable because

Joe Biden has served half a term. What has he accomplished?

This Tuesday, the State of the Union address will occur, where Joe Biden will talk about the success and goals of his administration. Last year, around 38 million Americans tuned

2024 might be the best chance third parts have had in 30 years.

Now that the 2022 midterms are over, the 2024 Presidential Race is rapidly approaching. While pundits have been talking about a presidential bid from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, In all

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