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Calls to expel Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene grow.

The News:

Calls to expel or at least strip House member Marjorie Taylor Greene are growing after a new video surfaced of her harassing a Parkland Shooting survivor in March of 2019, before she was elected to congress. All this comes after Greene has been in a confrontation with one of her fellow House members and accused Nancy Pelosi of treason. She has also embraced the Qanon conspiracy theory. House Democrat Steny Hoyer is reportedly going to try to persuade House minority leader Kevin McCarthy to strip Greene of her committee seats or Democrats will bring a vote to the floor. The House Rules Committee will meet on Wednesday to approve a resolution to pull Greene out of her committee assignments. Most Republicans have stayed silent about these new details which makes many people wonder about a shift in the Republican party.

Our Opinion:

We think it is cowardly and irresponsible if Republicans do not condemn Greene or stripe her off committee assignments. If not expelled, which could also be an option, at least there should be a united front by democrats and republicans to not tolerate Greene’s derisive rhetoric and blatant misdeeds.

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