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All the Potential 2024 GOP Nominees

Ever since the 2020 elections, Republicans have started positioning themselves to become Trump’s heir. Today we’ll be looking at some candidates who we think have a good chance of landing themselves in the White House in 2024.

Greg Abbot – Greg Abbot is the Governor of Texas, and a relatively moderate Republican. He won reelection in 2018 by 13.3 points, relatively good for a Republican in Texas. Furthermore, Abbot could bring a sense of normalcy to the GOP but would do little to excite the Trump wing of the party. Abbot will likely shift Texas a few points to the right but will have minimal effect in any other states.

Ted Cruz – Ted Cruz is also a Texas Republican, but is not very liked in the state. In 2018, Cruz won re-election by a very slim 2.6 points. His trip to Cancun during the Texas winter storms also didn’t help with his approval rating. Nationally, Cruz has a lot of baggage, like objecting to the Electoral College Certification. While Cruz will likely be loved by the Trump base, he would do a lot worse with moderates and Never-Trump Republicans.

Nikkey Haley – Nikkey Haley was the Governor of South Carolina, and the former Ambassador to the U.N. She was liked by Trump, but after she called out his voter fraud claims it is unclear what they think of each other. She would be the first Woman to run for the Republicans in a Presidential Election and could appeal to moderates who voted for Trump.

Ron Desantis – Ron Desantis is the Governor of Florida, and if you take out Trump, is the frontrunner in 2024. He is on Trumps good side, and they have almost identical views. Furthermore, Desantis could help in states like Florida, Arizona, and Nevada. He would likely do well with Trump supporters, and moderates.

Donald Trump – I don’t really need to explain who Trump is. If Trump runs in 2024, he will likely win the primary by a landslide, but in the general election will probably do worse. Trump would be one of the easiest targets for Democrats. They could hammer him about inciting the January 6th riot, how Biden had to clean up his Coronavirus mess, and his character. While Trump’s re-emergence would obviously make the Trump supporters go berserk, he would isolate himself from Democrats, Moderates, and Never-Trump Republicans.

There you have it, the strongest Presidential contenders on the Republican side, starting from Greg Abbot, ending with Donald Trump. Who do you think will win the nomination? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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