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Texas Democrats and the fight to Curb Voter Suppression

The Story: In Texas, Democrat state legislatures are planning to block a Republican backed voter suppression bill that would severely restrict mail-in ballots and in person voting. They plan to do this by leaving the state and going to Washington DC, which will stop the bill from passing because the Republicans would not have a quorum. The reason they had to go out of state was because if they were in state, authorities in Texas could bring them back to the capital building in Texas. In Washington D.C, they are expected to make people more aware about voter suppression. Texas Democrats had used the same strategy in May, where they had walked out of the capital and broke quorum, killing the same bill.

Our Opinion: We at the blog support this new move by the Texas Democrats because the only reason the bill was put forward by Republicans was because of Donald Trump’s big lie about the authenticity of the 2020 Presidential elections and we as a country need to do anything we can to overcome this false narrative. We are also supportive of this action because it helps raise awareness about voter suppression at a national level, which is one of the biggest challenges facing our country today.

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