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A Government Shutdown is just around the Corner

Government funding is going to expire on September 30th, which would trigger a government shutdown. To stop this, house Democrats passed a bill to continue government funding. However on Monday the 27th, Republicans in the senate blocked the bill because it included a suspension of the debt limit.

What is the debt limit?: The debt limit is the amount of money the United States Government is authorized to pay its bills. Republicans don’t like this, as it has long branded itself as the party of fiscal responsibility. The current debt limit is 28 trillion dollars. If the debt limit is not removed or raised then the money will run dry by mid October.

How will your life change?: During a government shutdown, trash collection will be ceased, in addition to museums and gallery’s being closed. Basically everything that has been deemed “unnecessary” will close.

What are the political implications?: A government shutdown will create a bad situation for everyone. Republicans will attack Democrats, while Democrats would likely accuse Republicans of obstructionism. If there is a government shutdown, the aftermaths would help the Democrats, because it would be a good thing to hit the Republicans on when the midterms come around.

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