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Biden’s First Year: Hits and Misses

Biden’s first year is now officially over, so now it’s time to look at the administration’s success and failures, plus the challenges he faces now and the state he is in for the midterms and the 2024 Presidential Election.

Success: Let’s start on the bright side, shall we? Biden hasn’t had a huge number of star moments yet, but he has certainly had some. For example, in November, Biden passed a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill, supported across the political spectrum. Furthermore, under the Biden administration, 63.6% of the country is fully vaccinated, however there is still a long way to go in curbing vaccine disinformation. Furthermore, the economy has gotten somewhat better.

Failures: Despite these accomplishments, Biden has had many failures. For example, his Afghanistan withdrawal failure, where he received criticism from both sides of the isle. We at the blog have described this event as “Biden’s first blunder.” (For more information, see this link: https://wordpress.com/post/politics-history.news/224) Another failure is that Biden still hasn’t passed the Build Back Better bill or the Voting Rights bill. The filibuster has still not been eliminated as was Biden’s plan due to moderate democrats Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin. Furthermore, he hasn’t solved the inflation issue yet.

Present Situation: Right now Biden faces several challenges like getting the Voting Rights and Build Back Better bills passed. But the problem I want to put the focus on the most is the Russian build up near the Ukrainian border, which is sure to cause a messy diplomatic situation. The only way we can do justice to this situation is by publishing an in-depth analysis, which we will likely devote to our next blog.

The Future: If Biden’s situation continues like this, the democrats will most likely lose the midterms. However, this is normal as Obama and Clinton have been in the same situation. We want to focus on Biden’s prospects in 2024. Currently, his average approval rating is at 42 percent which is nothing to boast about. While there is time for Biden to change the trajectory of his Presidency, if the elections were held now it would be a tough ordeal for Biden to lead the Democrats to a second term.

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