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The Biggest News of 2022, Recapped

We are now less than 20 days away from 2023, so I thought it might be cool to recap this year’s biggest events from each month, starting from January.

January: While you might not remember much from January, a lot still happened. For example, in covid related news, the number of worldwide COVID-19 cases topped 300 million, and over 10 billion COVID-19 vaccines had been administered. 

February: In February, the most notable thing to happen, by far, was Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, which is still continuing. The rest is history still in the making, but so far the Ukranians are showing resilience and courage, and are able to hold their own in the war. In sports news, LA Rams win the Super Bowl.

March: Ukrainian War continued and escalated, with a Russian missile striking a theater in Mariople. Ukrainians still showed massive resilience. Also, the US political scene started heating up for the midterms.

April: Macron wins re-election in France, beating former challenger and hardline extremist conservative Marine Le Pen. The election was considered a victory for leftists worldwide.

May: Mass shooting in Robb elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, killer was killed on scene, more than 20 deaths, investigations on police misconduct continuing to this day. 

June: Russia’s war in Ukraine still continuing while Ukraine is still going strong defending territory. In sports news, the Golden State Warriors clinched their fourth NBA championship in 8 seasons.

July: Former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, was killed. State funeral was held on September 27th, and the assassin’s motive was related to a grudge due to Abe’s ties to the Unification Church.

August: China starts military exercises in response to the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan, which was seen as a move that recognized Taiwan’s sovereignty. The good thing is that tensions have seemed too cool a little bit. FBI raids Trump’s Mara Lago property in search of classified documents.


September was a fairly quiet month, however several media shifts occurred, most notably liberal news outlet CNN seemingly becoming more centrist.


Hurricane Ian rages terror on the east coast, marking the start of Atlantic Hurricane Season. In other news, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is still continuing.

November: Midterm elections occur in the United States. While Republicans were expected to do very well, Democrats ended up doing better than expected. One week later, Donald Trump announced another run for President.
December: The FIFA world cup heats up and ends in a nail biter between Argentina and France, where Messi won his first world cup for Argentina.

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