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Comparing the 2024 GOP Candidates

As Tim Scott announced his bid to run for President, the field of 2024 GOP Presidential hopefuls only increases. Here, I will break down all declared 2024 GOP candidates and their pro’s and con’s.

Donald Trump:

As a former President who has had the job before, it is no wonder why he is leading the pack. Despite having noticeable blemishes, such as the Capital Riots, he still has a large foothold over the Republican Party, his endorsements still hold barring, and his influence in congress runs wide. 

Vivek Ramaswamy:

Vivek Ramaswamy, like Trump in 2016, does not have the traditional political career. In fact, he does not have any experience in politics, and has worked as a high up executive in multiple tech companies for most of his adult life. Despite having a successful business career, Vivek does not have much of a chance, and his bid is a long shot at best. This is most likely just him trying to get national attention.

Larry Elder:

Larry Elder is a conservative radio host based in California. Despite being well known in GOP circles, he lost the California Governor Election in a landslide, and does not have a chance in this one either.

Asa Hutchinson: 

A career politician who has served in politics since 1985, Hutchinson represents the most traditional approach to running for President. Most recently serving as the governor of Arkansas, Hutchinson has a good record to tout, despite not being as forceful on culture issues as other conservatives would have liked.

Nikki Haley:

Nikki Haley is also a career politician, serving as South Carolina Governor and US Ambassador under Trump. However, many conservatives have cast her as a flip flopper on Trump, due to her supporting Trump earlier, and now not supporting him. The chances of her pulling out the nomination is very thin.

Tim Scott:

Another South Carolina native, Scott has served as Senator since 2014, with a solid conservative track record to go along with it. He has brokered deals, and is considered a moderate, with a good story. While Scott has all the ingredients to win, the chances of him actually pulling out a win are quite small, due to Trump running.

Ron DeSantis:

Despite not officially announcing, Ron DeSantis is widely expected to do so. While he would most likely not beat Trump, he would put up strong numbers, and definitely pull out second in the primary. He has lost standing due to him losing his feud with Disney, but if anything happened to derail Trump’s candidacy, he would definitely get the nomination.

In conclusion, Trump will most likely win the GOP nomination. However, it is still up in the air, and anyone can win at this point. We will just have to wait and see.

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