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Biden has congress – great, but what will he do?

On Wednesday, January 6th it was projected that Democrats would win two senate seats from the Georgia runoffs, effectively giving Biden the congress. But what exactly will he do with it? Well for starters lets look at his cabinet and judicial picks. Before the Democrats had control of the senate and the house, it was unclear what would happen to them. It was possible that Republicans would completely and utterly reject them or let them pass-anybody’s guess. Now the answer is clear: Biden will name his nominees and they will get confirmed. For example Neera Tanden who is the nominee for the Director of the Office of Management and Budget was at a risk of getting blocked by senate republicans for controversial tweets but now has a good chance at making the cut.

But now lets look at what Biden can do legislatively. Well for starters, free college tuition could become a reality, which was one of his big campaign promises. Further police reform legislation could gain momentum. On the campaign trail Biden said that he would ban high capacity magazines and the making of assault weapons, make a voluntary gun buy – back plan, and give more than 900 million to Community based violence intervention. Even though these are just a few examples of what Biden promised, what is important to note here is that he can deliver on all of his campaign promises and a little more. The question is, if the republicans take the senate or house or both in 2022 – does he have the time?

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