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Impeachment: All You Need To Know

On wednesday congressional Democrats plan to introduce articles of Impeachment for the second time in Trump’s presidency. This as we all know is the result of the storming of the capital by pro – trump supporters that happened on Jan 6th 2021 – the day congress certified the election. One of the articles of Impeachment will likely be incitement of violence. While the articles of Impeachment will likely pass in the house, what about the senate? Well here it gets interesting – technically the earliest the senate can take up the articles will be on January 19, one day before Biden gets inaugurated and Trump leaves office. There are two caveats – if all 100 senators say they want to take the articles up early then the vote can be earlier, which is not likely to happen. The second caveat is that the senate leaders (such as the majority leader) can call all 100 senators to capitol hill if there is an “emergency” though the path is still uncertain. If both don’t work then the impeachment can actually happen in the Biden presidency. If you thought this move was pointless then you’re incorrect – but the likely reason democrats are doing it is because if you get impeached twice you cannot hold federal office again.

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