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All the Potential 2024 Democratic Nominees

Ever since the 2020 elections, Democrats have started thinking about one question: If Biden decides not to run in 2024, who will be his successor ? To answer this question, we decided to make a list on the top candidates for the 2024 Democratic nomination.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (seen above) is a Democrat in the House of Representatives. She has been widely seen as one of Bernie Sanders successors, and supports far left policies like Medicare for All and The Green New Deal. She has very fiery rhetoric, which will excite core voters, but put moderates on edge. Overall, she will drive liberal turnout, but creating problems with moderates and liberal republicans.

Sherrod Brown (seen above) is the senior Senator from Ohio. While he is a bit more liberal then Joe Biden, he is not as liberal as a Bernie Sanders. Furthermore he is not very well known nationally, so going into the primary he can easily mould himself into a moderate. He also has a history of winning by good margins in a fairly red state. Since he is from the rust belt, he has an advantage with those voters. One of his only minuses is that he would be up for re-election as senator in 2024, and would be somewhat vulnerable to losing the senate elections and so he might have to campaign on both fronts.

Gretchen Whitmer (seen above) is the Governor of Michigan. Even though she is from a swing state, in 2018 she cruised to victory by more then 10 points and is expected to win reelection in 2022. If she is nominated in 2024 then she would almost certainty give Democrats the victory in Michigan. Geographically, she could do better in the rust belt. One of her biggest problems however, is that because of her corona-virus restrictions, she is not very liked among Republicans.

Kamala Harris (seen above) is the sitting Vice President. If Joe Biden were to decide not to run, she would be the immediate front runner. She could drive up minority turnout in the rust belt which would be essential to a Democrat victory. In the south, where there is also a high minority population, she could help with keeping Georgia blue and flipping North Carolina. Her only problem is that she still has a long time to go as vice president, and she will likely amass more baggage as her tenure goes on.

So here it is, the four most likely Democrat nominees. Of course a lot can happen in a few years and maybe someone completely new will come to the spotlight. Share what you think in the comments!

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