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A Recap of the Years Biggest Events

As 2021 comes to a close, we thought it would be important to talk about the years most important events. This list is in no particular order.

One: Capitol Insurrection, Trumps Impeachment, Bidens inauguration.

While these are technically three events, they are all close to each other, and all are related. As you might recall, on January 6th this year, the capital insurrection took place, an attempt by far right conspiracy theorists to block the certification of Joe Biden’s victory. As a result of this, Trump was impeached for inciting the insurrection, but was acquitted by the senate on February 13th. Despite these events, Biden was inaugurated as President on January 20th.

Two: Coup in Myanmar

In February a military coup in Myanmar removed the old leader from power. This brought back military rule to the country, sparking protests. The reason the military took control of the government was because they wanted to maintain power. In America, conspiracy theorist Micheal Flynn said that there was “no reason” the coup shouldn’t happen here.

Three: Taliban takes back Afghanistan

On August 15, the Talibans took over Afghanistan after 20 years. This was because of the United States with-drawl, which severely weakened Afghanistans ability to defend itself. The Taliban are extremists who believe that Women should not be allowed to go to school, along with other fringe views. This is why Biden’s decision to withdraw has been met with criticism. We at the blog have described it as Biden’s first blunder.

Four: Covid mutates

First it was the Delta variant, and now more recently the Omicron variant. Omicron is currently the dominant variant in the United States. While it is likely less deadly than delta, it is very contagious. Being vaccinated always helps against it.

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