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How Biden’s latest win’s will impact the Senate Elections.

This summer has been good for Joe Biden. Despite less than 40 percent of Americans approving of him, Biden and the Democrats have scored some pretty big wins. For example, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin worked secretly to write the Inflation Reduction Act, a bill that the Democrats had wanted to pass for a while. On top of this, 528,000 jobs were added that much, signaling that the economy might just be bouncing back. Despite this, the democrats are still expected to lose the House of Representatives (polls, “expert” predictions, and historical context are painting a bad picture for the Democrats), and the Senate is expected to stay competitive. So, to give you a better picture of the elections, here are reasons the Democrats will win the Senate, and the reasons the Republicans will win the Senate.

Reasons why Dems will keep control: As mentioned before, the Democrats have scored some pretty big victories over the summer, chiefly the inflation reduction act, and added jobs. But other than that, the Democrat’s have found a pretty sneaky way to try to put the election in their favor. Democrats have been meddling in Republican primaries around the country by running ads propping up the most extreme Republican candidates. Then when the actual elections come along, Democrats would attack that candidate for being extreme, giving their candidate the edge. So far, it seems to be working (though to be honest, we won’t really know until the elections are over.)

Reasons why GOP will take control: While everything might seem fine and jolly for Senate Democrats, there is a very glaring, important fact people are looking over. Joe Biden’s approval rating is less than 40 percent. On this day, 4 years ago, Donald Trump had a higher approval rating. And the funny thing is, Biden hasn’t even made a major mistake in the last few months. The last one I could remember is the Afghanistan Fiasco in Summer of 2021, but given how fast the news cycle goes, that should hardly be on people’s minds right now. Biden’s low approval can only be one thing: Republicans have (mostly) single handedly shifted Biden’s perception. And if they can keep effectively hammering away at Biden and the Democrats, I see no reasons why the Republicans can’t capture the senate. 

So how will the midterm elections go? Given that it’s more than 2 months away, it seems to be far too early to give a projection. But if I would call it right now, I would say Republicans will control the Senate, and the Democrats will control the house.

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