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Joe Biden has served half a term. What has he accomplished?

This Tuesday, the State of the Union address will occur, where Joe Biden will talk about the success and goals of his administration. Last year, around 38 million Americans tuned in to watch the address, which featured viral moments like Biden confusing Ukrainian’s for Iranians. So to catch you up, I’ll take you through all of the Biden presidency accomplishments, to date.

Veterans Healthcare: In August of last year, Joe Biden pushed the PACT act, a bill that would improve health care for veterans. This came in light of a bigger spotlight on the effects of burn pits in the last few years, which came about largely due to comedian Jon Stewart’s activism. However, the bill had controversy attached to it, largely due to Republicans trying to block it due to frustration over unrelated bills that were pending at the time.

Chips and Science Act: The Chips and Science Act was introduced to encourage more semiconductors to be made in the United States, instead of China. This greatly helped national security, because China would be making less and less of our technology, while also boosting American tech independence and job growth.

Gun control: The Bipartisan Safer Communities act worked to restrict gun use. The law was the most sweeping since the Assault Weapons ban of 1994. The law not only worked to clean the environment of communities by doing things like providing more mental health programs, but it also increased background checks for people over 21, made it illegal to traffic firearms, and made people who sell guns register with the Federal Firearms License. It also expanded checks on domestic violence. Furthermore, the bill was truly bipartisan, gaining the votes of 15 Senate Republicans and 14 House Republicans.

Inflation Reduction Act: The inflation reduction act is probably the most relevant part of Biden’s Build Back Better plan. The act has a very wide scope. For example, the bill does what its name suggests and aims to reduce inflation by lowering the deficit, but it does much more than just that. For example, almost 400 million dollars will be spent on climate change, which will reportedly reduce Carbon Emissions to 40 percent by 2023. Also, the bill covers healthcare by introducing subsidies for Obamacare and lowering drug reform prices. Finally, the bill aims at reforming the tax system too.

Now we’ve caught you guys up on Biden’s most important accomplishment, you know what to expect at the State of the Union. But expect viral moments, memes, and a swift rebuttal from Republicans.

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